Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

XTicketz requires your camera’s access so it can scan QRCode/Digital tickets.

File Access: XTicketz requires file access to create QRCode tickets, it writes the ticket as an image in a folder so it can be shared.

Wi-Fi and Network State: XTicketz requires wi-fi and network access so it can notify the user, if there is an active internet connection.

Internet: XTicketz requires an active internet connection to do all online transactions (Logins, Ticket Generation, Reports, Ticket Purchase, Queries, Ticket Scanning Etc.).

SMS Access: XTicketz requires SMS access to Send/scan SMS tickets.

Location: XTicketz requires location access for event planners registration (But not mandatory).

Contact Info: XTicketz requires a name, contact number or email address for the delivery of tickets, contact information is shared with the events or promotional team(s) that the purchased tickets are associated with, XTicketz also uses that contact information gathered for advertisements.

Contact Info Privacy: XTicketz will not share your contact information with any other third party company other than the associated events or teams.