XTicketz is Mobile Digital Ticketing Solution (MDTS) that allows you to manage your events ticketing process.
This application facilitates tickets to be sold, scanned and managed from your mobile phone.
XTicketz will solve many problems that are currently faced by promoters and event planners as it relates to duplication, theft, counterfeit, calculation and monitoring of ticket sales.


Benefits to event

Phone to Phone Ticket sales, Ticket Verification, Management - The system facilitates event planners to monitor ticket allocation, sales representatives, events, revenues and report generation.

Reports provides analytics and real time updates on the following.

Sales summary per sales reps, Summary Sales Performance, Sales commission, calculation and revenue collection.

Profit Reconciliation, Patron attendance, Online Ticket sales, Social media marketing and more.


Benefits to patrons

Purchase event tickets from the convenience of a smartphone or PC

Tickets can be sent to a social media account and email, thus preventing ticket loss or damage, tickets are accessible on any mobile device.

Online Support

Working Hours

Online Support is available 24/7, we can be reached VIA our social media IG@xticketz - FB@xticketz - Twitter@xticketz or by Phone/WhatsApp @ 1-876-428-0826 Start WhatsApp Convo